With an undergraduate degree from California College of the Arts, I am influenced by my instructors and fell in love with serif typefaces. However, since I started my student career at ArtCenter College of Design, things started to change. I found myself in the habit of making signage of instructions and quotes. It is recently that my friends started to realize the visual language that I have built on my passive-aggressive signage.

I am not in love with sans serif but every single thing I do is in f*cking san serif!

Knowing my habit of making signage, my friend Alex referred me to Titling Gothic FB. It is a grotesque sans-serif typeface designed by David Berlow and released through Font Bureau in 2005. The design was inspired by ATF Railroad Gothic. The typeface comes in seven widths. Each width is in seven weights and therefore, a total of 49 styles. Not only for its variety of weights and styles, but its character is also friendly and universal like Helvetica and Universe. It is easy to use especially for advertisement. Unfortunately, there are no italic styles available. However, it is not the major function that I use in this typeface. So it is not my primary concern.

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