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I’m blue because I’m the team mascot but I love making everyone shine bright like a diamond like Rihanna said because YOU ARE A DIAMOND! When we go on with life and get busy but I won’t leave you alone🙈 Just as I will always come into the studio with a nanny bag, full of snacks, drinks, and sharing plates

say yes to eco-friendly♻️


A Little Bit About Me
I am a communicator and a true extrovert. Wherever I travel to, I get involved in the local community and enjoy learning about different cultures. Instead of the tourist attractions, I like to explore my own route. I always try to challenge myself and seek for inspiration from experiencing the community and environment.

Besides Graphic Design
I love photography, culinary, and make-up artistry ❤️ Photographic image is not just constrained to camera lenses but everything and all the details that have been witnessed by one’s own eyes 📷 Moreover, enthusiasm for food runs in my family, and have been a cuisine adventurer my entire life certified food handler 🍽️ Furthermore, I’m 11th year Sephora Rouge member since 2012, and color enthusiast & hobbyist certified make-up artist 💄️ The must go-to person for advice and consultation in family-friends and professional networking with 100% satisfaction with full-star reviews and reputations ⭐️

Everything is sync-ed to my phone. Please reach out me any way preferred ✿◠‿◠ 

Taiwan | Boston | San Francisco Bay Area | Los Angeles | Greater Toronto Areas

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Mississauga, Ontario | #OpenToWork ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ