I design for the community and curate artwork for the public. I believe art is not just a silent display but stands for a political voice.

Taiwan | Boston | San Francisco | Los Angeles | Toronto
I am a communicator and a true extrovert. Wherever I travel to, I get involved in the local community and enjoy learning about different cultures. Instead of the tourist attractions, I like to explore my own route. Within my own community, I attend events and activities to increase my connections. This has contributed to my minimalistic Graphic Design practice because I always try to challenge myself and seek for inspiration from experience and environment.

Except graphic design, I love photography and cooking. Photography is not just constrained to camera lenses but everything and every detail that one has witnessed with one’s own eyes. Although I am an amateur in cooking, I enjoy observing people’s the facial expression when they taste my cooking and I would capture those moments with my eyes.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario | Taipei, Taiwan