The project is a student project in rebranding the United States Postal Service.

The company has a long history in delivery service. Therefore, when it comes to rebranding, it is important to carry its history and image.

The company has gone back to the "standing" eagle logo because the current logo is interpreting the wrong image. Moreover, the stars have been added to 13 stars to symbolize the initial 13 states. To make a clearer expression, I decided to name the company The Post Office, with United States Postal Service on the outer ring of its formal logo.

Logo Variation
The logo can be used with or without the outer ring typography. Moreover, each state can color their own logo, which will be shown on the envelope when mailed.

Inspired by the stamps, I created a collection of label-wrapped packaging in replacing the white boxes that USPS is currently using.

Mr. Zip
The iconic Mr. Zip is also revived and will be serving the public by answering FAQs online.

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